Sand and Rock

SAMPACA RESOURCES can supply the following

  1. Construction Sand
  2. Silica Sand by Vibro
    Here is a document to explain the process of Silica Sand. Click here to view the document
  3. River Sand by Vibro
  4. Fine Sand

Here is a video of stone crushing on site. Click play button to watch the mobile crusher on site.


The following are the laboratory results of Fine Sand, seven (7) results for variety of test samples.

5. Reclamation Sand
6. Armour Rocks and Bolder rock for rec.lamation project (Refer to Tabs below)
7. GRAVEL G1 AND 3/4

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Below are the images taken in the site.

Described below are the analysis and laboratory results of the products mentioned above, please feel free to view images or PDF files. The report are sown as content tabs, you can click each item to view the info.

Construction Sand

Top notch quality of construction sand free corrosive materials such as iron pyrites, alkalies, salts, coal, mica, shale or elements that adversely affects the strength and durability of concrete products and various building materials.

Reclamation Sand or Sand Fill Materials

Top notch quality of reclamation sand and sand fill materials passing the required size, distribution, shear strength, specific gravity, from volcanic sand particles passing the standards used in Singapore reclamation projects.

Armour Rock

Top notch quality of armour rock with various sizes ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tons, suitable for building road, reclamation, backfilling, riprap, slope protection projects and shore protection and break water


Top notch quality of boulders with sizes ranging from 25-35 centimeters diameters suitable for building road, reclamation backfilling, riprap, slope protection projects and shore protection and break water.
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